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Liz Da Ponte

  Liz Da Ponte, Toronto, Ontario

  Director at Large

Liz is a digital marketing consultant based out of Toronto, Ontario. She has more than 10 years of experience working in the online communications space and has spent the last few years in financial services, with a recent move to the Healthcare sector. Her passion lies in utilizing digital tools to tell a story, to make a connection, to inspire action. She has worked on campaigns of every size and scale, and understands the importance of knowing your audience, and engaging them with content they can relate to. From writing blog content to analyzing web metrics data, Liz has worked in every aspect of the online communications space. She knows how to tell a story, regardless of the platform it is told through.

Outside of her work, Liz is an avid reader, theatre goer and friend to the planet. Her love for animals runs deep, so when the opportunity to join CCF Canada presented itself, she eagerly reached out to find out how to become involved. Her work involves helping raise awareness of the plight of Cheetahs in Canada and abroad.