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Q&As with Dr. Laurie Marker & Dr. Bruce Brewer

During our recent Annual General Meeting, we were very pleased to have Dr. Laurie Marker and Dr. Bruce Brewer of Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia join us on the conference call.

We took the opportunity to reconnect with them and ask about life on the front-line of cheetah conservation.QA with Dr. Laurie Marker and Dr. Bruce Brewer

Our Top 10 Questions:

Cheetah Print_1We know that this is the 25th anniversary for Cheetah Conservation Fund. How many cheetahs have been rehabilitated and returned into the wild?  See answer

Cheetah Print_2We understand that the rebuilding of the education centre is progressing very well. Can you provide an update for us?  See answer

Cheetah Print_3What are the education programs that will be delivered at the Center, in particular, for the young learners and the future farmers? What are some of your new programs? How do these programs benefit the communities? See answer

Cheetah Print_4Can you share with us some of the global contributions of CCF in advancing the cause of protecting the cheetahs in the wild as well as understanding the biology/genetics that are essential to the cheetah’s survival? See answer

Cheetah Print_5Please tell us more about the Asiatic Cheetah and how they differ from the cheetahs in Africa. How optimistic are you about this   sub-species of cheetah being restored? What kind of support are you seeing in the Middle East? See answer

Cheetah Print_6While illegal trade is a major problem for cheetahs, can you comment on the ‘legal’ trade in cheetahs, those that are in zoos or other captive situations? What can other countries learn from Namibia’s approach to conservation? See answer

Cheetah Print_7During your visit to Vancouver, you met with Canadian mining firms, some of which are providing support to CCF. What are the benefits in having private sector support, and how do these partnerships benefit mining companies? See answer

Cheetah Print_8Can you provide us with an update on new developments with the Livestock Guarding Dog Program, including your expansion to other countries? See answer

Cheetah Print_9Can you talk about the skills training that you are providing for women and for young people? How do you see this changing/evolving in the coming decade? See answer

10_1In Canada, we only have cheetah in zoos or safari parks. What’s the most compelling reason for people in Canada to understand how important it is to save the cheetah?  See answer