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Future Farmers of Africa (FFA)

A Sustainable Future for Farmers and the Wildlife in their Communities

CCF Namibia developed Future Farmers of Africa (FFA) to teach farmers, students, educators and policy makers about the value of sustainable practices in farming and conservation. CCF maintains a model farm on its 100,000-acre reserve within the Waterberg Conservancy to teach farm-related enterprises. In 2014, CCF established its Dancing Goat Creamery to market cheetah-friendly dairy products and train workers for higher paying, skilled jobs.

Highlights of the FFA training include:

  • Livestock and wildlife management techniques to make farms more profitable
  • Non-lethal predator management techniques, including the use of livestock guarding dogs
  • Livestock health and veterinary care, husbandry and valuation, fire prevention
  • Sustainable forestry practices that fight bush encroachment and restore habitat


The training is carried out either as 1-week training courses at CCF’s Centre, or through visits to farming communities, farm association meetings or agricultural shows.

Through demonstration of modern agricultural practices, CCF Namibia is helping to enhance the livelihoods of Namibian farmers and residents, while at the same time reducing the number of cheetahs killed by farmers.  A true win-win situation.

With the donations received from Canada, CCF Namibia will be able to provide training and follow-on support to farmers.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!Our donation goals are significant, and we need your help to be able to achieve them. There are many ways you can support these important conservation programs – learn more here.