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Sailesh Thaker

Sailesh Thaker, Director at Large

Sailesh Thaker, Ottawa, Ontario

Director at Large

Sailesh Thaker is a senior technology executive with 30 years of experience in science, IT, telecommunications and clean technology areas.

Sailesh recently retired as Vice-President of Industry & Stakeholder Relations at SDTC, where he was responsible for building and managing the corporation’s strategic relationships. The national and regional relationships he managed contributed to strengthening the clean technology eco-system by synergistically bringing together Government, the financial sector, industry and other stakeholders aligned with SDTC’s goals.

Sailesh participated on a number of boards and committees including British Colombia’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund, the Conference Board of Canada’s CanCompete Initiative, DFAIT’s Cleantech Advisory Panel and NSERC’s Synergy Awards for Innovation. He has previously been a board member of the United Nations International Telecoms Union’s Centre of Excellence for Africa, and the Telecommunications Executive Management Institute of Canada.