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About Cheetah Conservation Fund -- Namibia, Africa

Founded in 1990, Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is a world-class research, education and conservation organization dedicated to the conservation of the cheetah. The scope and impact of CCF’s programs are a model for predator conservation programs everywhere.

Under Dr. Laurie Marker’s leadership, CCF has become a driving force in conservation, recognized for applying a science-based, holistic approach that carefully balances the needs of people and wildlife who share the same ecosystems.

As shown in the graphic below, Cheetah Conservation Fund’s overriding mission to save the cheetah results in a dynamic and integrated set of programs which cover conservation and biodiversity protection, education and outreach, sustainability, and economic development.


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Located in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, CCF’s International Research and Education Centre is a renowned research facility, located in north east Namibia adjacent to the Greater Waterberg Landscape, covers 100,000 acres of land.  The Centre is focused on the cheetah and the ecosystems in which it lives, conservation programming and education, as well as outreach to the local communities. Through this center, CCF reaches thousands of students and farmers and hosts visitors from around the world.

The property  includes a working ranch (used as model farm), cheetah sanctuary, veterinary clinic & genetic laboratory, training & educational facility, goat dairy, Livestock Guarding Dog facility, habitat restoration/Bushblok, research center and tourism services.

The working ranch was developed early on to research and display predator-friendly and commercially viable livestock and wildlife programs. The Bushblok (compressed fuel log made from invasive thorn bush) and Dancing Goat Creamery  businesses help demonstrate to local people new ways to increase revenue sources and how to manage their land from invasive thorn-bushes. 

CCF Research and Educational Centre

Resident Cheetahs at CCF


CCF has retrieved close to 900 cheetahs from farms or private owners across Namibia, and has been able to release more than half of them back into the wild. However, there are approximately 40-50 orphaned and injured cheetahs that remain under CCF’s care at the large and peaceful sanctuary. The remaining cheetahs are part of ongoing research to better understand cheetah biology, physiology and behavior; some also act as cheetah ambassadors to the visiting public.

The Ambassador Cheetahs

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