June 2017 Update


Aurora has been very healthy since she has arrived at CCF with no major health issues. She stays very fit with the lure system and we hope she will continue to be one of our stars throughout her time here at CCF.

She loves chasing the lure, where the resident cheetahs run for exercise and enrichment, in the morning. She is a perfect example of cheetah beauty and grace while running and she always puts on a marvelous showing for CCF’s guests. She shows her youth too when she has caught the rag (her “prey”) and our staff members take too long to give her a reward. Aurora gets impatient and sometimes picks the rag up and bats it around playfully as she waits.


July 2016 Update


An avid and energetic three year old, Aurora can be characterized by her exotic eyes and intelligent demeanor. One easily gets trapped within the vast amber expanses of her irises that glimmer in any angle of the slightest ray of sunshine. Constantly alert, her widened eyes tell a story of the moments that have unfolded before her and the history of her cheetah ancestors. Complimentary to her big, bright eyes, comes a big, bright brain. A very intelligent young lady, Aurora’s face rests in a chronic scowl of wisdom. Whatever she does, her closely bonded pen mate, Rainbow, follows. Rainbow is blatantly aware of how smart Aurora is, and knows that ensuing after her will always yield great results. Whether it be finding food, friends, or shelter, Aurora can be trusted to make a logical decision.

Additionally, Aurora is an exceptionally swift and agile runner. Limbs stretched out from her rudder-like tail to her keen wet nose, she effortlessly flies around sharp corners to catch the lure. Aurora has had an eventful past six months.

The center females have received a new pen-mate, keeping life interesting. Romeo, a previously single male was bonded with this group as these females had been the only group surrounding him that seemed to show acceptance, and in Hermione and Harry’s case, even positive interactions through the fence. After Romeo received a contraceptive implant to prevent unwanted breeding, he was slowly integrated into the group, starting with Harry and Hermione. Although Romeo initially had a hard time hiding what seemed to be both excitement and confusion at being introduced to other cheetahs, Harry and Hermione set a relaxed mood and almost immediately curled up together in their normal routine to sleep, with Romeo perched excitedly, but respectfully nearby.

2015 Update


Aurora continues to live at the CCF Centre, sharing an enclosure with Rainbow and two other females, Harry and Hermione.

Aurora has always been closely bonded with Rainbow as, even though they are not siblings, they came to CCF around the time period when they were both three months old. Rainbow and Aurora both turned two years old in November 2014, and it is obvious that they are both attempting to exercise their independence a bit more.

Although Harry and Hermoine are much older and more experienced, Aurora stands up for herself during feeding time, and is often the first one through the gate to get her food. Of all four of these females, Aurora has kept her wild tendencies in the most obvious way. She remains quite feisty and won’t hesitate to hiss at her keepers while she receives treats.

In August, all of the cheetahs at the Centre got a new neighbor. This new arrival, a five–month-old cheetah cub named B2 who had been orphaned from his mother in the wild, caused quite a stir with the cheetahs!

Rainbow and Aurora, being the next youngest Centre cheetahs were candidates for being bonded with B2. They were moved into an adjoining pen to gauge their reaction to this new cub. Rainbow was the first to approach him, and showed no aggression, just curiosity. However, due to Aurora’s adverse reaction to B2, it was decided to bond him with another cheetah.

Rainbow and Aurora, although exercising their independence most days, can still be caught curling up together under a tree at the end of the day and grooming each other.

Our thanks to Jo-Anne Duval-Reynolds of Vancouver, BC for her continued support and sponsorship of Aurora.

Aurora - Jenny Bartlett - 1

Photos courtesy of Jenny Bartlett

She's a feisty one! That's a good thing in the wild.

She’s a feisty one! That’s a good thing in the wild.

2014 Update


Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada is thrilled to announce that a second cheetah is now being cared for by CCF Namibia through the generosity of one of our Canadian supporters.


Who is that cheetah?  


It’s Aurora!  As it turns out, Aurora is the steady companion of Rainbow, the first young cheetah supported by Canadians through Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada since the beginning of this year.

About Aurora: 



Aurora arrived at CCF just a short while after Rainbow and the two of them immediately bonded. They have since become inseparable – they eat together, groom each other, and act as if they were siblings.

The two photos, shared with us by keeper Jenny Bartlett, show just how beautiful Aurora is. Don’t you agree?

We hear from CCF that Aurora is a very forward cat and is always the first to come and see her keepers.

She is quite feisty and will often snarl and spit through the fence until she gets visitors’ full attention and then she walks away.

She is learning fast and is perfecting her running skills, and now chases the lure as part of the regular exercise and training for the cheetahs at CCF.

Thank you to our gracious donor!



Each cheetah costs CCF an estimated $5,000 a year in care and includes food, veterinary care and pen maintenance. We are very grateful to Jo-Anne Duval-Reynolds of Vancouver, BC, who is sponsoring Aurora over the next year.

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