Dream comes true!

by Marializ, a long time supporter from British Columbia We recently enjoyed an overnight stay at CCF Namibia. Being cheetah fans and supporters of the cause to save them, spending time at the centre was the realization of a dream. It was also a pleasure and a privilege that helped us understand the true meaning

Cheetah Champions Come in All Sizes!

This past fall, 25 very young pupils at Penhorn Preschool, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, decided that they could help save the cheetah in the wild. When they learned from two of their classmates, Ben and Charlotte Gal, that the cheetah is endangered, they quickly got to work to raise money to help Cheetah Conservation Fund in its mission

Guardians of the Cheetah and Planet Earth

by Meredith Hanel, Guest writer Somewhere in Namibia a mother cheetah is hungry. In order to hunt and provide for herself and her family she will face many challenges. Cubs are easy prey for lions and hyenas. For safety, she will keep herself at least 100 metres away from lions at all times. She locks onto

Destroying an Apex Predator Can Kill an Ecosystem

The Grey Wolf in North America and Lessons for Cheetah Survival by Jameson Bowman, guest writer When Dr. Laurie Marker first arrived in Namibia (then South West Africa) in the late 1970’s she discovered that cheetahs were viewed as vermin and hundreds were being killed every year by farmers and ranchers. Between 1980 and 1991 there

Meet Kaylie – Young Cheetah Ambassador!

Meet Kaylie. She’s been a big cheetah enthusiast since she was four, and knew from an early age that she wanted to help them. She’s been doing a lot for the cheetah, helping raise awareness and funds for the cheetah. On her birthday, for the last few years, she made sure that half of her

Supporting Employees’ Passion In Making a Difference!

Some of the best companies in the world know that their employees put a high premium on making a difference in their respective communities. When employers support these efforts, this can be an important factor in finding and keeping the best employees, and demonstrating that the company cares about the communities in which they operate.

Beatrice in Action for Cheetahs!

Cheetahs have some great young champions on their side, and Canada has 6-year-old Beatrice, who has a big passion for cheetahs and an artistic flair that she has put into action to raise money to help save the cheetah in the wild. Beatrice and her mother were recently visiting the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in

Super-Size Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

Did you know… The heart of the cheetah, just like many of its organs, is bigger in relation to its mass than any other Big Cat? The Super-Sized heart pumps rich oxygen necessary for the cheetah to rapidly accelerate and catch its prey, which is vital to its survival. This Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolate

Canada’s Global Vets team from the University of Guelph: Making a World of Difference

This past summer, a team of vet students from the Ontario Vet College (University of Guelph) headed off to Thailand, South Africa and Namibia for voluntary placements working directly with animals. The team, part of OVC’s student-run Global Vets program was at Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia for two-week placements during July and August. We caught

Why should Canadians care about wildlife in Southern Africa?

Cheetah Cub - Blog

Why should Canadians care about wildlife in Southern Africa? Because the loss of cheetahs & other wildlife will be felt not only in Africa, but around the world.

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