Celebrating Cheetahs and Saving Them Too

Young people are just about the biggest cheetah enthusiasts in Canada. Over the past three years, more than fifty young kids have celebrated their birthdays in honour of the cheetah. Not only do these cheetah champions from all across Canada know a lot about cheetahs and what makes them so fast, they also invite their

Canadians’ Support is Making a Difference at CCF Namibia

The generosity of Canadians has enabled us, in 2016 alone, to transfer $80,000 directly to CCF to support the following programs: the Cheetah Care Program, the Livestock Guarding Dog Program, the Education Program for School Children, and Future Farmers of Africa. Another way of looking at this support is as follows: Canadians supported 20% of

Chewbaaka Memorial Challenge

Join the Chewbaaka Memorial Challenge! Our work for the cheetah is challenging and multifaceted. Every year a group of dedicated donors puts forth the Chewbaaka Memorial Challenge to help us raise the funds necessary to keep running in our race to save the cheetah from extinction. This year our Challenge Donors have set the bar

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