2018 IMPACT Report

Just off the press – see CCF Namibia 2018 Annual Report. Canadians contributed to CCF Namibia close to $120,000 toward four programs: the livestock guarding dog program, cheetah care and education for farmers and future conservationists. We also had two generous donors who paid for the construction of a dorm at CCF Centre to accommodate

News from the Field: Update for Release Candidates 

3 males – Cyclone, Kamin, Elwood On 18 March 2018, our three male release candidates were released from their enclosure onto CCF property. Upon release, the three males were fed an entire red hartebeest carcass just outside the gates of the enclosure to give them one last guaranteed meal before having to rely more on

Update from the Field – Livestock Guarding Dog

  As of June 2018, the Livestock Guarding Dog program has placed 5 puppies throughout Namibia that were born in 2017. So far 2 litters have been born this year with a total of 15 (9M, 6F) puppies. An outside breeding female, Nusi, gave birth to a litter of 10 (6M, 4F) pups and Taya

Update From the Field – Rainbow

Rainbow continues to live here at CCF with her fellow group of females (Harry, Hermione and Aurora) and resident male Romeo (who very much lives up to his name!). She is now 6 years old and is as bouncy as ever! A farmer near Otjiwarongo found Rainbow on the side of a road and decided