How Conserving Cheetahs Helps the Planet,

and Why Canadians Should Care. by Amy Cocksedge, guest writer Cheetahs may be the fastest animal on the planet, but they cannot run away from the fact that there are less than 7,500 left in the wild. This low population number classifies them as a vulnerable species. Their population is declining due to loss of

2018 IMPACT Report

Just off the press – see CCF Namibia 2018 Annual Report. Canadians contributed to CCF Namibia close to $120,000 toward four programs: the livestock guarding dog program, cheetah care and education for farmers and future conservationists. We also had two generous donors who paid for the construction of a dorm at CCF Centre to accommodate

Why is the Cheetah Threatened? What are the Solutions?

Learn more about the threats, importance of saving the cheetah and some solutions supported by Canadians.  

Cheetah Champion: Soleil-Anne

~ Written by Volunteer Cynthia MacNeil Soleil-Anne, 10 years old, lives in Ontario, Canada, and has been a Cheetah Champion for most of her young life. It started with her natural curiosity about the many different animals in Africa. She was encouraged by family who made fun, fact-filled books available. From there, her cheetah adoration