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Change for Cheetahs


This brother and sister duo share a love of cheetahs and a desire to get involved to help preserve the species.

We first got in touch with Mazen in 2013 when he held a cheetah-themed birthday party to celebrate his 8th birthday.  In lieu of gifts, Mazen raised funds for cheetah conservation using the innovative ECHOage party planning service.

And then in October of last year, we organized a special session for kids to meet Dr. Marker when she was in Toronto.  We were thrilled to see Mazen in person at that time and to be introduced to his older sister, Noor, and his Mom, Reema.

During the session with Dr. Laurie Marker, she challenged the kids to think about ways to celebrate the annual International Cheetah Day held on December 4th each year.

Noor took that challenge to heart and, with the help of  Mazen and few other friends, planned an event for International Cheetah Day at their school. They called it “Change for Cheetahs” and asked fellow students to wear animal print clothing on December 4th and to bring in a Toonie as a donation to help save cheetahs.

With great support from their teachers, they were permitted to put up posters around the school and to make regular PA announcements about the importance of protecting cheetahs, International Cheetah Day, and the ‘Change for Cheetahs’ donation campaign.

And you won’t believe how successful they were:  The event raised several hundred dollars, and the kids have asked that those funds be allocated to the care of a specific cheetah at the CCF facilities in Namibia.

We’re thrilled with the results of this promotion – thank you Noor and Mazen – and will be allocating the funds towards the care of Rainbow, a young cheetah that has a special place in the hearts of Canadians.

Top:  Dec 4/2015:  Noor (in cheetah costume) and Mazen at their school
Bottom: Oct 1/2015: Mazen (left) and Noor (middle) with Dr. Marker in Toronto.


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