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According to Gracia, Cheetahs Rule!

Courtesy of Gracia D. Lopez

Courtesy of Gracia D. Lopez

Meet Gracia.

She’s 9, has a business card, and is writing a book about cheetahs.

Clearly she thinks cheetahs are awesome, and so we’ve asked her to be our guest blogger this month.

Over to you, Gracia…

Cheetahs Rule!
By Gracia D. López, Age 9

When I was ten months old, and living in Spain, my great aunt Marisa gave me a stuffed cheetah. Over the years I named him Snuffles. He was, and still is, one of my favorite stuffed animals. When I was sick or sad, I used him to wipe away my tears, which is how he got his name.

As I grew older, I wanted to know more about cheetahs. I bought six more stuffed cheetahs of all shapes and sizes: a mom, a dad, siblings and cousins. I cuddle with all seven of them when I go to bed. (This causes some problems since they take up so much space, I end up squashing them as flat as a pancake when I roll over them in my sleep.) Wherever I go – to the cottage, the beach, or even to Spain – I have them. In fact, I am so passionate about them that my whole class knows how much I love them.

I was so interested in cheetahs, I looked into them a little bit. When I found out they were an endangered species, I was so worried! We really need to help them, because they are so beautifully incredibly, marvelously majestic! I also love the fact that they are the fastest land animal in the whole entire universe! On my 9th birthday, I had a big party. All my friends came. Part of my party included going to a place called ‘Jumping Clay’ and we all made cheetahs out of clay!  We got really creative,and one of my friends poked a hole in her cheetah’s mouth so she could insert a miniature baby bottle that she had made.

To invite people to my party, I sent an ECHOage invitation by e-mail, and I asked for a little bit of money instead of presents. On ECHOage, half of the money your friends give you is for you to keep, and half of the money is to give to a charity. Since I love cheetahs, I gave the money to the Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada. A little later, I received a letter from the charity thanking me for the donations.

I really love the fact they are trying to save the cheetahs! One day I hope that there will be more cheetahs in the world again!

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You're Invited_250Gracia joins a growing number of kids (and adults) who are blending celebrations with philanthropy.  You can too!  Plan your next event using ECHOage, an online party service, and select Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada as the charity of your choice.


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