Our thanks to these organizations for their support!


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B2Gold has been a key supporter of CCF Namibia for many years, and their contributions have provided funds towards several programs including the Livestock Guarding Program, Future Farmers of Africa, as well as community conservancy offices in the Greater Waterberg area to be used for education and resources for farmers.

B2Gold has also hosted an event in Canada with us entitled “Achieving Net Benefits Through Partnerships:  Business and Biodiversity Roundtable ” where Dr. Laurie Marker had an opportunity to discuss CSR best practices with mining executives.

Schad foundation

For the past few years, The Schad Foundation has been a supporter of the Livestock Guarding Program (LDG). The LGD Program continues to be one of the most successful nonlethal predator control methods resulting in a decrease of livestock loss by about 80%.  As a result, farmers are killing fewer cheetahs, and predators in general, and the Namibian population of cheetahs is growing.



The Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation has provided support for the cheetah care program in Namibia. The programs covers ongoing care for the cheetahs that have been injured or orphaned and cannot be returned to the wild.




As part of their Charitable Donations Program, Export Development Canada (EDC) provides financial donations to charitable organizations where their employees demonstrate ongoing involvement as volunteers.  An EDC employee serves on our Board of Directors.

RBC Foundation supported our work to raise awareness of human-wildlife conflict and to engage young people across Canada in the fight to save the cheetah from extinction.


Parc Safari in Quebec has seven cheetahs within their care, and guests can observe these cheetahs while driving their car or walking along a boardwalk overhead of the cheetahs.  We thank Parc Safari for their efforts to raise awareness about the plight of the cheetah, and for supporting our initiatives.


The Toronto Zoo continues to support the conservation activities of Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. The Zoo’s commitment to cheetahs – through their conservation, research and education programs as well as their captive cheetah program – has helped raise awareness about the challenge facing the cheetah.  By hosting special events focussed on the cheetah, the Toronto Zoo has raised funds for the Livestock Guarding Program.

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We would also like to thank Vanessa Dewson of Rigadoon New Media, an Ottawa-based web and graphic design firm.  With over 15 years of experience in graphic and web design, and 10 years in professional photography, Vanessa and her team have donated their expertise and design skills to help us create and maintain this website.