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Dogs Helping to Save Cats

Helping farmers protect their livestock from predators helps reduce the killing of cheetah. Livestock guarding dogs are raised and trained by CCF staff and then provided to famers in many communities surrounding CCF.  Currently, CCF has 220 working dogs, which are supported through regular follow-ups with farmers.

This program has been in operation for close to 20 years now with more than 600 young dogs provided to farmers. The results have been remarkable: the loss of cheetah to farmers shooting them has dropped eighty percent! No wonder there is a waiting list for these puppies.

Lady with her puppies

Lady with her puppies

In the last year, there have been several litters born and these puppies are cared for by their mothers and the staff at CCF, ensuring that the puppies grow up healthy and ready to help farmers.

Things can get very busy for the husbandry and veterinary teams at CCF, especially when one set of puppies are leaving CCF to assume their new role, and another litter has just been born and needs round-the-clock observation, at least the first few days.

And it is likely to stay busy…CCF has just acquired a new male to sire puppies. He comes all the way from Texas, USA and is an important addition to future of the Livestock Guarding Dog program.

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