Without us, cheetahs will continue to disappear in Africa.

Your donation is key. Since CCF’s work began, they have retrieved over 900 cheetahs from farms or private owners across Namibia, and released 600+ cheetahs back into the wild.  CCF has had good success working with farmers who have cheetahs living on their land, reducing human-wildlife conflicts through non-lethal methods combined with training and on-going support. A lot more is needed.

Our charity in Canada is cost efficient.

98% of all donations received in Canada are sent to Namibia.   We have no Canadian staff – we are all volunteers and when we hold events, we seek sponsors to cover expenses.

Your donations support these programs:

  1. Cheetah Care & Rehabilitation – e.g. $75 feeds a cheetah for a week
  2. Livestock Guarding Dog Care & Training – e.g. $500 cares for a guarding dog for a year
  3. Educational Programs – $10 teaches a student for a day, $20 sends a farmer to a workshop about reducing human/wildlife conflict

More about these programs.  If you would like your donation to go to a specific program or cheetah, please include your comments in the message box below.

Your support will make an impact on saving the cheetah in Africa

  • send a cheque by mail (payable to Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada – form)
  • donate monthly online – easier for you to manage
  • add a bequest in your will so you can leave a legacy