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Dr. Marker’s Visits to Canada

We’ve been fortunate to be able to host Dr. Laurie Marker in Canada for four years in a row.  Each time, she has met passionate cheetah-lovers – young and old – from across Canada.

We are planning to host Dr. Laurie Marker in Ottawa during October 2017.   Stay tuned.


Past Events




September 30 – October 1, 2015 – London and Toronto:

Recap of the Fall 2015 Visit by Dr. Laurie Marker

Changing the World to Save the Cheetah

Toronto View Photos

LondonView Photos



October 2, 2014 – Vancouver:

Recap of Fall 2014 Visit by Dr. Laurie MarkerView Photos

Achieving Net Benefits Through Partnerships: Business and Biodiversity Roundtable View Photos

Living with Cheetahs: How Humans and Wildlife can Flourish Together – View Photos




October 15-16, 2013 – Toronto:

Recall of Fall 2013 Visit by Dr. Laurie Marker 

A Life Dedicated to Saving the Cheetah – View Photos

A Race Against Extinction  View Photos



October 2-3, 2015 – Ottawa:

Recap of Fall 2012 Visit by Dr. Laurie MarkerView Photos