Building Capacity for a Better Future

CCF collaborates with governments and conservation organizations in other countries where cheetah live, including Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iran, Algeria and Angola. In many of these countries, efforts are currently underway to develop new conservation programs or support existing cheetah conservation efforts.

Additionally, CCF has been working in an advisory capacity with the Wildlife Trust of India and governmental authorities to discuss the best strategies for re-introducing cheetahs there.

CCF’s international collaborations involve distributing CCF materials, lending resources and support, and providing training throughout Africa and the rest of the world.


Cheetah conservation is interconnected with social, economic, and environmental factors which are of national concern. The next generation of African conservation managers must be equipped with the best training available. CCF has hosted several education and conservation biology courses for wildlife professionals. Over 300 Namibian and international course participants have completed courses on natural resource management, environmental education, conservation biology, game capture, and integrated wildlife, livestock and predator management.