Our Impact 2013-2017

We raised awareness in Canada about the plight of cheetahs


  • Hosted Dr. Laurie Marker for a range of meetings and roundtables in Vancouver, Toronto (twice), London, Ottawa, reaching close to 600 Canadians.
  • Presented to school students about conservation and the need to save the cheetah – reaching 200 school kids
  • Sixty-five birthday parties were hosted by young children and their parents across Canada, in support of the cheetah’s survival.
  • Engaged corporate and family foundations in supporting Canada-supported programs of CCF.
  • Grew our social media base to 2,600 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Extended interview on CBC’s The Current with Dr. Marker in 2014 and Toronto Star feature in 2015.
  • Annual awareness/fundraising booth at Toronto Zoo, Parc Safari

We raised funds to send to Namibia (98% of funds were forwarded)


  • Increased our annual donations from $35,000/year to $85,000/year for a total of $309,500
  • Funded school outreach in Namibia (10,000 children of 47,000 children reached by CCF Namibia) focused on cheetah behaviour, ecology and how people can help conserve the cheetah.
  • Workshops designed to help improve farmers’ livelihoods covered kill identification demonstration with educational material providing fundamental information on predators and methods of reducing stock losses. Canadian support ensured that 3,800 farmers at tradeshows, workshops and other venues were reached.
  • Under the livestock guarding dog program, we supported about 40 dogs per year including their care from birth, their training, farm inspections, dog placement and responding to farmers’ inquiries about human-wildlife conflict in the region.
  • Cheetah care and handling of Rainbow and Aurora, two of the orphaned cheetahs at CCF Namibia’s sanctuary.