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Young People & Cheetahs

Do you want to help save the cheetah?

There are young people in every part of the country who have a huge passion for the cheetah and who have come up with some super ways to share their knowledge about the cheetah and its threats with friends, family and schoolmates.

Learning about Cheetahs – Right Here in Canada


Although cheetahs are not a species that are indigenous to Canada, you can see cheetah up-close in several wildlife conservation venues. Two accredited facilities in Canada – Toronto Zoo and Parc Safari in Hemmingford, Quebec – provide professionally-led and safe viewing of the cheetah.  They are also working collaboratively with us to educate the public about cheetahs and the threats facing them.

Helping Cheetahs


Kids have created some great ways of helping the cheetah, both by spreading the word about them and raising funds that go directly to help the cheetahs at CCF Namibia.

See our Educational Resources Section below for additional background materials, website links, and visuals for all levels.



Kids as young as six years old are sharing their knowledge with their friends and classmates in organized events in schools. Of course, we also have young people well into their teens who are just as committed.

Here are just a few examples of our young cheetah enthusiasts focusing on cheetahs in their schools, in science, environmental studies and global sustainable development.



Presentation by Laurie Marker at a school near Toronto.


Carolyn with Soleil at her school






Outdoor birthday celebration in Vancouver

Birthday Parties


Kids love cheetahs, there’s absolutely no doubt.  And there is a growing number of socially aware children who are motivated to share their special day with a special cause. Nearly 50 children across Canada have celebrated their birthdays by raising funds for cheetah conservation through our connection with ECHOage, an online party service.

Through the ECHOage website,

  • kids identify the birthday gift that they want;
  • guests contribute towards the gift and to the charity of the child’s choice; and
  • parents organize it all easily using the online party planning tools.



These two sisters love cheetahs and celebrated with their friends.

International Cheetah Day


December 4th is the day when the world joins together to emphasize the importance of saving the cheetah. Launched in 2012, International Cheetah Day is marked by conservationists, big cat specialists, scientists, environmentalists and everyone else who recognizes the importance of cheetahs and their ecosystems.

In 2015, CCF’s affiliates around the world – Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Namibia the US, and the UK – joined with other partners supporting big cats, and shared key facts and solutions through social media to help save the cheetah in the wild. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join in on these activities.

In Canada, young people organized informational events and activities to celebrate International Cheetah Day, and also helped raise funds for our cause.

Bake sale - International Cheetah Day Dec.4th, 2015, IVMC in Guelph

Bake sale – International Cheetah Day December 4th, 2015, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph






Noor and Mazen raising awareness and money at their school

Noor and Mazen raising awareness and money at their school

Educational Resources


Check out our Top Cheetah Facts and our great resources below:

Teacher’s Guide including lessons and supportive materials: A Predator’s Role in the Ecosystem –

Cheetah Conservation Fund