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Super-Size Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

Did you know…

The heart of the cheetah, just like many of its organs, is bigger in relation to its mass than any other Big Cat?

The Super-Sized heart pumps rich oxygen necessary for the cheetah to rapidly accelerate and catch its prey, which is vital to its survival.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolate and flowers and Super-Size your heart with the gift of life.

For a limited time, you can help save the cheetah by purchasing any one of our handcrafted Namibian wearables. Each purchase comes with a card recognizing your generosity and all proceeds go directly towards CCF programs that keep the Cheetah on the track to survival.

Support the Cheetah

Cheetah numbers continue to dwindle with the loss of its critical habitat, ongoing human-wildlife conflict, poaching and the illegal pet trade.

Please help support the continued existence of this beautiful animal.