Why is the Cheetah Threatened? What are the Solutions?

Learn more about the threats, importance of saving the cheetah and some solutions supported by Canadians.  

Destroying an Apex Predator Can Kill an Ecosystem

The Grey Wolf in North America and Lessons for Cheetah Survival by Jameson Bowman, guest writer When Dr. Laurie Marker first arrived in Namibia (then South West Africa) in the late 1970’s she discovered that cheetahs were viewed as vermin and hundreds were being killed every year by farmers and ranchers. Between 1980 and 1991 there

Connecting the dots

Canada and The Cheetah Human-animal conflict and what it means for the future of species both in Africa and Canada. by Jameson Bowman, Guest writer For most North Americans, Africa conjures up images of wild untamed lands, filled with abundant wildlife and unique cultural groups; this perception is relatively accurate. Africa contains 45% of the

4 Ways Saving Cheetahs Positively Impacts Ecosystems

By Cynthia MacNeil, Guest writer The Race to Beat Extinction Ecosystems are complex networks of plants, animals, and organisms in a given area, and include factors like weather and climate.  Each ecosystem is a community with every element playing a vital role. Apex predators (animals at the top of the food chain) such as cheetahs, have

A Canadian Company Helps CCF Make a Difference

There are good reasons for companies and wildlife conservation organizations to work together to accomplish shared goals. B2Gold, a medium-sized Canadian mining company, is supporting conservation projects led by CCF. The results of this partnership are helping both organizations gain better understanding of the state of biodiversity and prevalence of wildlife in their surrounding lands,

Why Save the Cheetah?

Why is the existence of the cheetah so important to us? Cheetahs play a vital role in preserving the health of the ecosystem. As apex predators, the cheetah’s presence and ability to hunt its natural prey has very important effects on the population of those prey species, as well as on the health and productivity