Children are stepping up!

We are so please when we receive letters, e-mails and pictures from Canadian children letting us now about their passion for the cheetah.  Many of them have celebrated their birthday in honour of the cheetah and raised money for the cause.  We encourage children to be advocates in their schools and explain to their classmates

Meet Kaylie – Young Cheetah Ambassador!

Meet Kaylie. She’s been a big cheetah enthusiast since she was four, and knew from an early age that she wanted to help them. She’s been doing a lot for the cheetah, helping raise awareness and funds for the cheetah. On her birthday, for the last few years, she made sure that half of her

Celebrating Cheetahs and Saving Them Too

Young people are just about the biggest cheetah enthusiasts in Canada. Over the past three years, more than fifty young kids have celebrated their birthdays in honour of the cheetah. Not only do these cheetah champions from all across Canada know a lot about cheetahs and what makes them so fast, they also invite their

Thanks to Bryelle…and to Google.

When classes resumed at Stratford Hall School in Vancouver last week, students were once again swapping stories about what they did on their summer vacation. One of Stratford’s Grade 4 students, Bryelle, had an interesting experience to share with her classmates in relation to her 9th birthday which she celebrated in July. Having seen cheetahs