Dog dream job: Scat detection in cheetah conservation

by Meredith Hanel, guest writer “Ewww, leave it!” Dogs love sniffing stinky things and most dog owners don’t reward their dogs for finding poop from other animals. Dog handlers at Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) do just that. Sniffing for scat from cheetahs and other animals in their habitat is one of two job types for dogs

Growing support from Canadians for the survival of the cheetah!

Over the past 5 years, Canadians have donated close to $425,000 to key programs run by Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.   Our Canadian charity run solely by volunteers and is proud to be directing 98% of all donations directly to Namibia. The next 15 years are critical to the survival of the cheetah in

Dream comes true!

by Marializ, a long time supporter from British Columbia We recently enjoyed an overnight stay at CCF Namibia. Being cheetah fans and supporters of the cause to save them, spending time at the centre was the realization of a dream. It was also a pleasure and a privilege that helped us understand the true meaning

News from the Field: Update for Release Candidates 

3 males – Cyclone, Kamin, Elwood On 18 March 2018, our three male release candidates were released from their enclosure onto CCF property. Upon release, the three males were fed an entire red hartebeest carcass just outside the gates of the enclosure to give them one last guaranteed meal before having to rely more on

Pathways Africa Conference 2018 in Namibia: ‘’Living With Wildlife’’

An important conference will take place in Windhoek, Namibia between January 8 – 11 next year: the 2018 Pathways Africa Conference and Training (Namibia). Co-hosted by Colorado State University and Cheetah Conservation Fund, in partnership with the Large Carnivore Management Association of Namibia and the Namibian Nature Foundation, the conference will bring an estimated 250

International Cheetah Day is Just Around the Corner

Mark your calendar! December 4th is the International Cheetah Day. This year, we’ll be celebrating for the fifth year and we expect even more of a sensation. Last year, CCF’s international partners all came together (USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Australia and Namibia) and linked up with a wide range of cheetah-focused NGOs for a

Dogs Helping to Save Cats

Helping farmers protect their livestock from predators helps reduce the killing of cheetah. Livestock guarding dogs are raised and trained by CCF staff and then provided to famers in many communities surrounding CCF.  Currently, CCF has 220 working dogs, which are supported through regular follow-ups with farmers. This program has been in operation for close to 20

A Canadian Company Helps CCF Make a Difference

There are good reasons for companies and wildlife conservation organizations to work together to accomplish shared goals. B2Gold, a medium-sized Canadian mining company, is supporting conservation projects led by CCF. The results of this partnership are helping both organizations gain better understanding of the state of biodiversity and prevalence of wildlife in their surrounding lands,

A Return to CCF Namibia: Canada’s Support

In July, our Board Chair, Carolyn Farquhar, travelled to CCF Namibia to catch up with all the great work that CCF Namibia is doing thanks to Canadian support. Donations from Canada are making a difference for three specific programs: Cheetah Care, the Livestock Guarding Dogs and the Education for young learners and farmers. Carolyn met

Student Intern Opportunity in Namibia

For students with a passion for conservation, veterinary science and ecology, CCF’s International Research and Education Centre in Namibia offers an amazing opportunity to complete an academic internship. Students coming from a range of disciplines perform a variety of tasks, such as assisting with cheetah and livestock guarding dog care, helping in clinical workups, observing cheetah

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