by Johanna Hickey, a CCF Canada supporter In November 2019, a small group of us from the West Coast of Canada had the privilege of visiting CCF Namibia. Our travel company, Royal Heights Travel, a small boutique family owned and operated firm in Victoria British Columbia had arranged the visit during our tour of Namibia.

Guardians of the Cheetah and Planet Earth

by Meredith Hanel, Guest writer Somewhere in Namibia a mother cheetah is hungry. In order to hunt and provide for herself and her family she will face many challenges. Cubs are easy prey for lions and hyenas. For safety, she will keep herself at least 100 metres away from lions at all times. She locks onto

Canadians for Cheetahs!

Saving the cheetah is very important to Canadians across our big country. In British Columbia, Marializ is one of our generous supporters. Her passion for cheetahs is matched by her commitment to helping ensure that they are protected from extinction. Marializ says that she was “drawn to cheetahs, with their physicality, power and speed, while

Would you like to volunteer with Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada?

We really appreciate the many volunteers from across Canada who are already helping us with raising awareness of our events as well as contributing great content for our website. We could use more help:  if you’d like to help us with writing articles for our website or social media, providing graphic design services, or volunteering

A Return to CCF Namibia: Canada’s Support

In July, our Board Chair, Carolyn Farquhar, travelled to CCF Namibia to catch up with all the great work that CCF Namibia is doing thanks to Canadian support. Donations from Canada are making a difference for three specific programs: Cheetah Care, the Livestock Guarding Dogs and the Education for young learners and farmers. Carolyn met

One of our Key Supporters Volunteers in Namibia

We have some dynamic champions of Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) here in Canada, and we’d like you to meet one of our most generous and energetic supporters, Jo-Anne Duval-Reynolds of Vancouver. When Dr. Laurie Marker spent two days in Vancouver in October 2014, Jo-Anne organized a lovely reception to introduce Dr. Laurie to a whole new