University internship in Namibia

Working with CCF as a volunteer is the opportunity of a lifetime, and you will have the kind of experience that has a lasting impact on your life.  

CCF also welcomes students with all kinds of backgrounds and courses of study: biology, animal science, conservation biology, ecology, veterinary studies but also more areas such as business studies, computing, education, graphic design, comparative history studies, sociology, psychology and other areas.

Interns are selected via an application process and must fill out all the appropriate application forms. CCF will expect interns that are looking to work on a Masters or Ph.D. to provide background information on their research project. CCF has a veterinary clinic and a fully-equipped genetics lab, and we welcome students whose work includes these disciplines.

Applicants should keep in mind that the months of June through August are particularly competitive for internships. Contact our CCF’s volunteer coordinator at [email protected] to obtain an application or for more information.


Help us send a student on an internship to CCF.  Donate your unused Aeroplan Miles towards the intern’s flight to Namibia.