Volunteering in Canada

Bake sale - International Cheetah Day Dec.4th, 2015, IVMC in Guelph

Bake sale – International Cheetah Day December  4th, 2015, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

You can help save the cheetahs by volunteering locally


Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada is looking for volunteers who can provide some leadership in helping us spread the word about the race for the survival of the cheetah in the wild and in organizing small scale fundraising such as bake sales, school fundraising and other community activities.


Current Volunteer Needs

Organizing small scale fundraising e.g. bake sales, school fundraising and other community activities

Digital graphic design for social media

Identifying sponsors for events

Identifying foundations or programs to support the cause

Organizing an annual Human for Cheetahs Run to raise awareness and support

Illustration and infographics

Leading volunteer booths and community fairs – especially for Earth Day and International Cheetah Day


We are open to suggestions if you would like to help with something not on this list.

If you would like to volunteer in Canada to help our charity raise awareness through events, promotions, website and social media, please contact us.