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Plan a Party – A Better Way to Celebrate

Kids love cheetahs, there’s absolutely no doubt.  And it seems there is a growing number of socially aware children who are motivated to share their special day with a cause they care about.


Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada is pleased to be associated with ECHOage, an online party service, through which:

  • kids identify the birthday gift that they want;
  • guests contribute towards the gift and to the charity of the child’s choice; and
  • Moms & Dads can relax because ECHOage simplifies and streamlines the party logistics.

It’s crowd-sourcing for birthday gifts in a socially-responsible and environmentally friendly manner.  Plus, it’s easy and free.  Book your party in support of cheetahs today!

On my 9th birthday, I had a big party. All my friends came. Part of my party included going to a place called ‘Jumping Clay’ and we all made cheetahs out of clay! (...) To invite people to my party, I sent an ECHOage invitation by e-mail, and I asked for a little bit of money instead of presents. On ECHOage, half of the money your friends give you is for you to keep, and half of the money is to give to a charity. Since I love cheetahs, I gave the money to the Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada. A little later, I received a letter from the charity thanking me for the donations. I really love the fact they are trying to save the cheetahs! One day I hope that there will be more cheetahs in the world again!

It’s not only for kids or for birthdays – any celebration is a good choice.  Consider it for your next party with friends and family, for a bar mitzvah, a bridal party or simply a dinner party.  Start planning today!

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