We’ve been fortunate to be able to host Dr. Laurie Marker in Canada.  Each time, she has met passionate cheetah-lovers – young and old – from across Canada.

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October 26, 2017 – Ottawa

The Race to Save the Cheetah: Solutions come from Community Conservation

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Laurie Marker, founder and executive director of Cheetah Conservation Fund, will be coming back to Canada this fall – this time, visiting Ottawa on Thursday, October 26th.

A public event and fundraiser will be held at a beautiful venue in downtown Ottawa, at 414 Sparks Street.

Dr. Marker will speak about the threats that cheetah are facing in all their range states and CCF’s work with the local communities in an effort to protect the cheetah and its ecosystems.

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Additional Sponsorship Opportunities Available:  Contact info@cheetahconservationfund.ca to get involved!

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