Cheetah's Best Friend?

Cheetahs have fascinated people for centuries: their speed and physical beauty have meant that cheetahs have been captured, hunted and admired. But there are only 7000 cheetah left in the world, so finding ways to protecting them is vital, and everyone needs to help.   See more Top Cheetah Facts.

Surprisingly, dogs are one of the best solutions in ensuring that the cheetah doesn’t become extinct. Anatolian or Kangal dogs, originally from Turkey, have been successfully trained by CCF as livestock guarding dogs to reduce human-wildlife conflict, primarily between cheetahs and farmers who are protecting their herds and livelihood. Read how the Livestock Guarding Dog Program is achieving great results in lowering predation rates.

Just like us, young people from around the world are passionate about cheetahs and saving them from extinction. We have a variety of resources available to help teachers and students learn about the cheetah’s anatomy, behavior, and its race for survival. Spreading the word about the threats facing the cheetah and helping raise funds to protect cheetahs in the wild is happening across Canada.